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Wool comb Prym 1530

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  •  Removes pilling and lint from woollen garments
  •  For woollen garments made from closely knitted wool
  •  Made from untreated wood of the rubber tree

Your favourite pullover is fluffy and no longer looks smart? No problem. With a few strokes this wool comb made from untreated wood refreshes garments knitted with tightly knitted wool. Its shaving head made from a vulcanized metal grid combs small knots and fluff from woollen items and leaves them looking like new again. Simply place the knitted garment on a firm surface, place the wool comb on it and draw the comb over the knitted fabric with even pressure. The wool comb is made from untreated rubber tree wood from sustainable sources and is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly process. The plastic-free packaging is equally sustainable.

Article name: Wool comb Prym 1530
Prym article number: 610690
EAN: 4002276106901
Price group: P
Dimensions: 45 mm x 76 mm
Colour: natural, silver-coloured
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 piece
Outer: 5
Material composition: rubber tree wood metal