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Universal row counter

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  •  Rotally for mounting on the knitting pin
  •  Double-digit display for counting the knitted rows
  •  Knitting accessory to be attached onto the knitting pin
  •  Dark-blue plastic with white, little adjustment wheels

The universal rotally has a 10 mm eyelet, through which it can be mounted anywhere on the pin. And that's how you easily get a display panel directly on the knitted work. The two-digit display can mark the knitted rows, which is particularly helpful when knitting work is suddenly interrupted or halted for a long time. This useful knitting aid cannot forget the configured row amount and is reliably fastened to the knitting work thanks to its fixation on the knitting pin. It saves a lot of time that would normally be used for re-counting the rows.

Article name: Universal row counter
Prym article number: 611874
EAN: 4002276118744
Price group: M
Dimensions: 50 mm
Colour: dark violet
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 piece
Outer: 5