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Threader for sewing machines, with magnet

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  •  Easy threading of the sewing machine needle
  •  Well-designed mechanism
  •  With practical magnet
  •  Robust plastic

There are many little things that are an enormous help when sewing. Among these is this practical threading aid for the sewing machine with its three functions: a needle holder, the needle threader and a practical magnet. The needle threader with its ingenious mechanism helps with the otherwise arduous task of threading the sewing machine needle. Successful threading is quickly achieved in simple steps as a fine metal pin works as a spring to push the thread quite easily through the fine eye of the needle. Hooks on the front and sides of the thread guide finally draw the thread completely through the eye. Now you can enjoy your sewing. In addition, the needle threader can also be used to insert the needle in the sewing machine with the aid of the needle holder. Simply position the needle with the point downwards and the piston pointing upwards in the holder and introduce the needle easily in the position provided on the sewing machine. The integral magnet is useful, for instance, for picking the needle up from the table. In addition, this tremendously practical needle threader for the sewing machine dazzles the eye with its dark violet colouring and its robust design in high-quality plastic.

Article name: Threader for sewing machines, with magnet
Prym article number: 611126
EAN: 4002276111264
Price group: P
Colour: purple, white, silver-coloured
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