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Single-pointed knitting needles, bamboo, Prym 1530

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  •  Pleasant feel
  •  Smooth, non-slip surface
  •  Precisely crafted, fibre-free points
  •  High sustainability material and processing

Feel like making an elegant knitted pullover or a cosy jacket? The pleasant, warm feel of these single-pointed knitting needles made from light bamboo and their smooth, non-slip surface makes knitting a pleasure; they are just perfect for working longer sessions on a project. Despite being very sturdy, they are very flexible. The points are precision-shaped, are not fibrous and allow the needle to be inserted with ease into each stitch without splitting the yarn. The knob at one end of the needle also prevents the stitches from slipping off the needle. The needle gauge of these 33 cm long single-pointed knitting needles is printed centrally on the needle for ease of reading. Where sustainability is concerned, the single-pointed knitting needles score not only because they are made from quickly regrowing, Chinese bamboo, but also because of their environmentally- friendly manufacturing process and the plastic-free packaging. Because they are made from natural material they are ideal for allergy sufferers

Article name: Single-pointed knitting needles Prym 1530, bamboo, 33cm, 
Prym article number: Various
Price group: (2.5 to 5.5 - T) (6 to 10 - W)
Dimensions: see variations
Colour: natural
Sales unit: Card / CRD
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