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Prym Tape Measure COLOUR 150cm

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150cm measure.

  • cm markings both sides
  • front red/blue/green in 10cm intervals
  • back yellow
  • metal ends.

When sewing, tailoring, doing handicrafts and all other craft work the Prym COLOR tape measure with its three-coloured scale provides maximum visibility. On the background colours of red, white and green, the black centimetre scale is easily recognizable and allows meticulously precise work. The yellow back grants a further degree of flexibility which is printed either with a scale in centimetres. The practical length of 1.50 m allows fast and easy handling of this tape measure made of sturdy plastic. A tape thickness of 0.5 mm and metal frames at both ends ensure a long service life of the tape measure.

Loose product

Article name: Tape measure Color, 150cm/cm, items
Prym article number: 282461
EAN: 4002272824618
Dimensions: 150 cm x 19 mm x 0.5 mm
Colour: yellow, coloured decimetric zones
Sales unit: Piece / PC
Quantity: 1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 10