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Prym Sleeve Ironing Board

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  • Small ironing board
  •  For easy ironing of sleeves and trouser legs
  •  With coating on both sides (with a metric scale or heat-reflecting)
  •  Stable on all work surfaces
  •  Practical aid in the sewing corner

The sleeve ironing board makes ironing sleeves and trouser legs child's play and there should be one in every home. The narrow ironing board is 12.5 cm in width and it takes just two simple steps to placed it, ready for use, on every work surface. It has a vapour-permeable cover, coated on both sides, which has a metric scale on one side and is heat-reflecting on the other and if required, it can be turned from one side to the other. The printed centimetre scale makes the ironing board a practical aid in the sewing corner, because the secret of good sewing is in the ironing.

Article name: Sleeve ironing board
Prym article number: 611912
EAN: 4002276119123
Price group: OO
Dimensions: 52 cm x 12.5 cm
Colour: white, scale purple
Sales unit: Piece / PC
Quantity: 1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 1