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Prym non-sew press fasteners "sport mini" - Black 13mm

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Non-sew press fastener Sport Mini, 13mm, black oxidized

  • Small, non-sew press fasteners
  • With easy fastening strength
  • For clothing, purses, clutches and many more things
  • Stainless brass

Those who prefer something discreet, will love the “Mini” non-sew press fasteners . The silver-coloured press fasteners made of high quality stainless brass have an easy fastening strength, and with their 13 mm diameter are excellent for medium thickness fabrics such as jerseys and are also suitable for the decoration of clothing, purses, clutches and many more things. The practical and non-sew press fasteners can either be fitted with the included tool and a hammer or with the VARIO pliers for non-sew products or the tripod. Instructions are in the pack.

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