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Prym Lace Pins

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  •  Pins for pinning fine lace
  •  Made of stainless steel
  •  Size: 26 x 0.53 mm

These pins are specially designed for affixing many different types of lace, such as in bridal wear, night wear, or lingerie. This rust-free, carefully-polished stainless steel does not affect the fine materials and can also remain in the fabric longer. Its finely-polished tips penetrate through the material without damaging the fibres, and the burr-free crafted fillister head is used for easy manipulation. Prym offers these bobbin pins in a round 15g plastic canister.

Article name: Lace pins
Prym article number: 024500
EAN: 4002270245002
Price group: N
Dimensions: Ø 0.53 mm x 26 mm
Colour: silver-coloured
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 15 g
Storage unit: 10 CRD
Material: 100% stainless steel