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Piercing tools for Vario pliers

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  •  Piercing tools for VARIO pliers for fabrics, leather, foils etc.
  •  Plier inserts for holes and two replacement plastic inlets
  •  Holes with 3, 4 and 8 mm diameters
  •  Lever for removing the tools and to hold the pliers together

The VARIO piercing tools are the perfect compliment to the Prym VARIO pliers for non-sew products and are suitable for fabrics, leather, foils etc. The 3 Prym tools have diameters of 3, 4 and 8 mm, this allows a lot of flexibility when punching the holes you need. Includes a replacement lever for easy removal of the tools from the pliers. When not in use the pliers can be held together with the lever. Each pack contains two spare plastic inserts.

Article name: Piercing tools for Vario pliers

Prym article number: 673125
EAN: 4002276731257
Price group: R
Dimensions: Ø 3, 4, 8 mm
Colour: violet, silver
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 set
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 5