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Overlocker Needle Threader

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  •  Threaders for overlock machines
  •  2 tools for the lower and upper hook and the needles
  •  Made from flexible steel spring wire with plastic handles

This Pym threader is especially adapted to the threading of overlock sewing machines. The set consists of a threader for the upper and lower bobbin hook and another threader for needles. The finely curved steel spring wire with white plastic handle and a hook is first to be slipped under the lower bobbin hook, and the thread clamped into the hook . Thus, the thread can be easily pulled through the eye of the hook. The same is done for the upper hook. The threader for needles works just like a conventional needle threader, but it has easy handling by means of a long shaft made of steel spring wire and a handle made of blue plastic.

Article name: Overlock threader
Prym article number: 611965
EAN: 4002276119659
Price group: K
Dimensions:  one size
Colour: silver-coloured
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 set
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 5
Material composition: metal plastic