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Mohair brush

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  •  Roller brush to refresh mohair, fluffy yarn garments and many more uses
  •  Plastic bristles protect fibres.
  •  Sturdy plastic handle

This plastic mohair brush has been designed specifically for refreshing clothing in mohair wool, fluffy or fringed yarns. It consists of a sturdy handle which holds a 7.5 cm wide brush roller with soft bristles, arranged in spirals. When you roll the bristles gently over the wool, they refresh the appearance of the fluffy fibres. The brush can be cleaned by simply combing or washing out the fluff and fibres .

Prym article number: 611734
EAN: 4002276117341
Price group: R
Dimensions: 96 mm x 59 mm
Colour: purple
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 5
Material composition: 100% plastic