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Millinery needles

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  •  Millinery needles for costume-making and millinery
  •  Needles made of hardened steel with a golden or silver eye
  •  Extra-long hand sewing needles for firm materials

Millinery needles are comparatively longer than conventional hand sewing needles and are exceptionally suited for sewing firmer material such as in costume-making and millinery. Due to the fact that the stitches must generally be applied as invisibly as possible, this application requires a fine and long needle. These needles are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free embossed eye. Their fine, polished tip and the evenly-coated surface slide well through the material, while the balanced spring stiffness ensures ideal use elasticity. 

Article name: Millinery needles, No. 5-10, assorted
Prym article number: 124668
EAN: 4002271246688
Price group: G
Dimensions: no. 5-10
Colour: silver-coloured
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 16 pieces
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 10