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Knitting Mill - Comfort Twist

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  •  Ergonomic knitting mill for creating knitted tubes
  •  Practical to fix in place and convenient in use
  •  Integral weight
  •  Modern design manufactured in high quality materials
The Comfort Twist Knitting Mill is an absolute trail-blazer which makes child's play of producing bright knitted tubes in a variety of colours. Simply thread in the wool and start winding: the ergonomic operation makes knitting pure pleasure. The highlight: the knitting mill can be affixed to a table – this ensures safety while knitting. A weight is included. If you wish, this can be attached to the knitting to give the necessary weight during knitting. For transport the weight is attached conveniently and safely to the lower part of the knitting mill. The knitting mill handle can be turned in both directions. However, once a direction has been chosen, you must continue turning in this direction. Packaging includes detailed instructions.

Article name: Knitting mill COMFORT TWIST
Prym article number: 624181
EAN: 4002276241817
Price group: WW
Dimensions: 18.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 6.8 cm
Colour: dark violet, white
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 1