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Double-pointed knitting needles set, prym.ergonomics 2.5-4.0mm, 20cm

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  •  Set of double-pointed needles for socks in 4 different gauges
  •  Light and flexible, made from high-performance synthetic material
  •  Drop-shaped points for an even-textured effect
  •  Needle gauges prominently marked

This set of double-pointed knitting needles from the prym.ergonomics range is not only perfection through and through, because its four colour-printed sets of needles in gauges 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm und 4.0 mm make it an exclusive collection, but also because its attractive packaging makes it the perfect gift. They are made from alabaster white high quality high-performance synthetic material, bend easily and are extremely quiet to use. The drop-shaped points make picking up and transferring the yarn when knitting socks and sleeves so much easier and stop the yarn from slipping too quickly from the point. The unique, triangular shape of the shaft ensures that the stiches glide easily along the needle shaft without the annoyance of having to push them along. Each needle gauge has its own colour making it quick and easy to find the five matching needles in each set.

Article name: Double-pointed knitting needles set, prym.ergonomics 2.5-4.0 mm, 20 cm
Prym article number: 194000
EAN: 4002271940005
Price group: UU
Dimensions: Ø 2.5 mm x 20 cm; Ø 3 mm; Ø 3.5 mm; Ø 4 mm
Colour: alabaster white, multicoloured
Sales unit: Set / SET
Quantity: set of 4 x 5 needles
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 1