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Cable-stitch needles, curved

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  •  Perfect for knitting cable stitches
  •  Cable-stitch needles for securing and holding stitches
  •  2 Sets: 2.5 mm and 4 mm or 6 mm and 8 mm

Cable-stitch needles by Prym are perfectly-coordinated auxiliary needles for knitting cable-stitch patterns. Its curve in the middle lets you effortlessly secure the stitch you want to place on hold without having it slip from the needle. This lets you implement nearly any cable stitch. Prym offers these practical needles in two different sets for fine and thick wool. Each set for fine wool contains cable-stitch needles that are 2.5 mm and 4 mm thick, while the set for thick wool contains needles that are 6 mm and 8 mm thick. They are the perfect knitting aid when it comes to knitting scarves, caps, and pullovers with complex cable stitches

Article name: Cable-stitch needles
Prym article number: 191101 / 191102
Price group I / P
Dimensions : Ø 2.5 mm x 120 mm; Ø 4 mm / Ø 6 mm x 140 mm; Ø 8 mm
Colour: pearl-grey
Sales unit: Card / CRD
Quantity: 2 pieces
Sales Unit/ Quantity: 5