Why specialise in Prym?

Why specialise in Prym?

We helped a friend to organise their new shop and were surprised that brands that we knew from Europe and in particular Prym were difficult to get in Australia.

At the same time, I had a need to put some eyelets into a light piece of canvas for a chair I was fixing.  I knew that Prym produced the Vario range but I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere.  So from there the journey started.

Our journey has taken us on a great adventure and we have developed a great understanding of the Prym range and what is available..

Our aim is to bring back many of the higher quality, longer lasting products that have disappeared from Australian shelves.  Rulers that are strong, tape measures that are accurate, tools that do the job without breaking.  

We hope you get to love the Prym range as much as we do, and visit us to get inspiration for your shop or your personal sewing and knitting journey.

All the Best

Matthew and the Team
Euro Sew and Knit